Police Federal Credit Union of Omaha knows that your personal privacy is very important, so we’ve partnered with  OfficerPrivacy.com, which can help get your private details off of the internet. OfficerPrivacy.com is owned by a retired law enforcement officer, and he and his team will remove you from the top people-search sites that are exposing your private information. Pete James is the owner, and he retired after a career in law enforcement. He is a digital forensics expert and privacy specialist. He’s written several articles and been interviewed on many podcasts promoting personal privacy for law enforcement officers. Pete’s company has helped thousands of officers in all 50 states take back their privacy.

As a member of the Police Federal Credit Union of Omaha, you’ll receive two special bonuses.

  • Two months of monitoring for FREE. 
  • A FREE cell phone privacy device to use when charging your phone in a public area.

These bonuses are valued at $60, but you have to use the link below to get this special deal.

It can take several weeks to be removed from the websites, so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll be removed.  Fill out one simple form, and the OfficerPrivacy.com team takes it from there. You’ll receive reports updating you on their progress; then they’ll monitor those sites. If you show up again, they’ll remove you again.