Receive your payroll, Social Security, pension/retirement, government checks, or other regular checks automatically, securely, and on time with direct deposit.

Direct deposit is electronic so you don’t have to stand in line at the credit union to deposit your check direct-depositand the funds are available right away – even if you’re on vacation! You can also verify your direct deposit with CUFFS Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

Payroll Deduction – Direct Deposit

Payroll Deduction allows you have a portion or all of your net pay deposited directly into your credit union account(s) every pay period. You can designate set amounts to be deducted and applied towards your credit union loan(s), eliminating the need to write the same check month after month, or your credit union savings account(s), which let you build your savings steadily and effortlessly.

For more information or to sign up for payroll deduction, call or stop by the credit union today!