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At Police Federal Credit Union of Omaha, we're not just a credit union; we're a Blue Family. Our carefully selected protection services are designed with our members' unique needs in mind, offering everything from identity theft recovery to loan protection and online data deletion. We're committed to safeguarding your financial well-being, ensuring you can focus on what matters most.

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LODD Loan Protection 

LINE OF DUTY DEATH LOAN PROTECTION at NO COST to members who are active, full-time Sworn Peace Officers who obtain a NEW qualifying loan*:

  • 15-year First Mortgage Loan with a 20% down payment originated and retained at the credit union

  • Automobile loans in excess of $25,000 not booked via the CUDL loan delivery channel.

  • Newly established Second Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit Loan in excess of $50,000.

  • Once covered, LODD Protection will cover ALL debts at the credit union up to a combined maximum of $850,000.

Secure Your Peace of Mind! To learn more about LODD Loan Protection coverage, please call 402-391-4040 and select option # 1 to speak to a Lending Team member.

*With approved credit. Minimum loan amount of $25,000.  New money only. Must be an active full-time sworn peace officer employed by a federal, state, county, or municipal agency.  Please see credit union for complete terms, conditions, and exclusions.

LODD Loan Protection
Police officers


We’re honored to partner with OfficerPrivacy to offer tools to reclaim your privacy and remove your personal data from the internet. OfficerPrivacy has empowered thousands of officers across all 50 states to reclaim control over their personal privacy. With their straightforward signup process, you can quickly initiate comprehensive monitoring and promptly remove your information should it ever reappear online. 


As a member of our credit union, you’ll also receive two special bonuses.

  • Two FREE months of monitoring. 

  • A FREE Radio Frequency Identification card that you put in your wallet to block radio frequencies so scammers can't steal your card information.

Start securing your personal information today and receive the special bonus offers by clicking the link below!


CARE Identity Theft Recovery Program

We have partnered with NXG Strategies – a leader in identity theft remediation and breach response – to provide all members with access to the CARE PROGRAM, a fully managed recovery program for identity theft. The Care Program helps you and your eligible family members address fraud caused by identity theft, whether it is related to your account with us or not.  Professional, dedicated Recovery Advocates are standing by and, depending on your identity fraud incident, will be prepared to:

  • Perform research to determine the extent of the problem, including a review of your credit report.

  • Provide instructions for placing fraud alerts, and credit freezes with the three major credit bureaus.

  • Write letters and make calls on your behalf to dispute fraudulent information.

  • Coordinate with government agencies, financial institutions, creditors, and others to resolve incidents.

  • Create and then maintain a case file to assist law enforcement in prosecuting the perpetrators.

  • Request the removal of fraudulent records to assist in recovering your identity to pre-theft status.


The Care Program covers all types of identity theft, even if unrelated to your account with us. It is also available to all persons named on your account and extends to three generations of your family members. Family members include you, your spouse or domestic partner, your dependents with the same permanent address, any IRS-qualified dependents, and your parents (mother or father) with the same permanent address or who are registered in a senior assisted living facility, nursing home, or hospice. Services continue up to 12 months after death for all family members. Terms and Conditions for Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery  

Think you are a victim? Please call 866-647-6223 and speak with a Recovery Advocate.


Want more protection?  A Premier Checking account offers additional protections and account benefits, including Fully Managed Recovery.  Learn more or open a Premier Checking account with us today!

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CARE Program
Overdraft Protection
Credit Life & Disability
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Blue Review

Need some information or clarification on your finances? 


A Blue Review can help you: 

  • Save money by refinancing debt 

  • Develop a plan for paying off student loans 

  • Refinance or finance a new car 

  • Understand the steps to buying first or next home 

  • Create a plan for saving 

To schedule a Blue Review, please call 402-391-4040 and select option # 1 to speak to a Lending Team member or click the link below.

Blue Review


Credit Score

Your FREE credit score and FREE credit report are waiting for you!

On May 23rd, your credit score will be available inside CUFFS Online Banking, making it incredibly convenient for you to understand your current credit score, access your full credit report, receive credit monitoring alerts, learn how to improve it, and discover ways to save money on new and existing loans with us. The ability to check your score is seamlessly integrated into CUFFS Online Banking, eliminating the need for a new login! And it is FREE for Our Blue Family! 

Benefits of a free credit score check include:


  • Receive daily credit monitoring with alerts for major changes.

  • Identify credit bureau errors.

  • Understand the factors that impact your score.

  • Work toward your financial goals.

Staying on top of your credit has never been easier.  Get started today!  

  • What if I have a bill scheduled to be paid within Online Bill Pay on 7/31, 8/1, or 8/2?
    Please reschedule those payments before or after the System Upgrade, which is scheduled to take place on [7/31, 8/1, and 8/2]. Online Bill Pay will be down during this period.
  • Will my Police Federal CU of Omaha Visa Credit Card work during the System Upgrade?
    Yes. If you do not have a Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card, now would be a great time to apply for one.
  • Can I visit a Shared Branching location to conduct transactions during the System Upgrade?
    No. The following services will be down and unavailable from 5 pm on July 31st to 1 pm on August 2nd.
  • Will my Debit Card work during the system upgrade?
    Yes, your Debit Card will work, but with restricted limits. We encourage you to use your Police Federal CU of Omaha Visa Credit Card and have extra cash on hand from 7/31 to 8/2.
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Overdraft Protection 

Overdraft protection, also known as bounce protection, advances money to cover a check written on an account that does not have sufficient funds. Our overdraft protection helps you avoid the high fees and embarrassment associated with overdrawing your share draft (checking) account.

With overdraft protection, funds are transferred from your personal line of credit loan to cover share drafts that would normally be returned. There is NO FEE for transfers from your personal line of credit; however, interest will be charged on any outstanding line of credit balances at the current rate. Loan advances will only be made in the amount of the overdraft and will appear on your next statement.  You must be 19 years of age to apply for overdraft protection.

Setting up overdraft protection for your account is EASY! Contact a Lending Team member at 402-391-4040, option # 1, or apply online.

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Credit Life and Credit Disability

We proudly offer Credit Life and Credit Disability coverage at a very low cost to our member-owners. Premiums can be added to your monthly loan payment and offer coverage to you or your family in the unexpected event of an accident or death.


Secure Your Peace of Mind! To learn more about Credit Life and Credit Disability coverage, please call 402-391-4040 and select option # 1 to speak with a Lending Team member. 

TruStage Insurance

TruStage Insurance

Insurance protection is part of a solid financial plan. From getting a good rate on coverage for your car to making sure your life insurance is adequate, dependable insurance coverage ensures financial relief when you need it. And along the way, you’ll take comfort in knowing you’re protected.

TruStage insurance products and programs help members protect what matters most. Backed by nearly 80 years of working in partnership with credit unions and their members, you’ll find products for auto, life, property, AD&D, and more. TruStage offers straightforward information, real value, and assurance.

People holding insurance icons
Man filing paperwork with car


GAP is an auto loan debt cancellation waiver that protects you financially if your vehicle is totaled or stolen and you owe more on the vehicle than your insurance will pay. It’s affordable coverage for any member, which ensures a misfortune with your vehicle doesn’t require a fortune out of your pocket. This digital brochure does a good job of explaining the benefits of GAP.

  • GAP coverage is available on new or refinanced Police FCU of Omaha loans.

  • Offered at a substantially lower price than you will pay at the dealership.

  • Protection for up to 84 months and loan-to-value up to 125%.

  • Coverage may be paid upfront or rolled into your loan payment.

  • GAP coverage goes into effect when your vehicle is stolen and isn’t recovered or is totaled in an accident and cannot be repaired.

  • GAP covers the difference between your primary carrier insurance settlement and the payoff of your loan.

  • GAP coverage will pay an additional $1,000 toward purchasing a replacement vehicle if you finance the vehicle with us.

You can easily add GAP Coverage!  Call 402-391-4040 and select

option # 1 to add GAP to your existing Police Federal Credit Union of Omaha vehicle loan.

Auto Essentials Coverage
Extended Vehicle Warranty

Auto Essentials Coverage

Auto Essentials is a bundled package of coverage that protects you from normal driving incidents and out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t typically covered by insurance policies, manufacturer’s warranties, or extended warranties.

Essential Coverage 

  • Key or Remote Replacement*- Replacement of lost, stolen, or destroyed keys or remotes.

  • Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection – Repair or replacement of punctured, cut, or flat tires and damaged wheels/rims due to road hazards or potholes. Includes cosmetic repair of wheels.

  • Paintless Dent Repair – Permanently removes door dings and minor dents without harming a vehicle’s factory finish.

  • Windshield Repair** – Repairs chips and cracks caused by propelled rocks or road hazard debris while driving on public roads, streets, and highways.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

  • Towing: A tow truck will be sent to your location.

  • Emergency Roadside Service: Basic mechanical repair performed at your location to get you back on the road.

  • Essential Fluids Delivery: Includes delivery of gasoline, water, or oil.

  • Flat Tire Assistance: Your flat tire will be repaired or changed with your good spare.

  • Emergency Battery Assistance: Repairs include jump-starting your dead battery.

  • Lockout Service: A locksmith will be dispatched to your location if you are accidentally locked out of your vehicle.

Get Auto Essentials today!  Call 402-391-4040 and select option # 1 to begin protecting your vehicle.

truck with bed carrying car

All descriptions are for informational purposes only. Please refer to the actual coverage agreement for specific details. * Key or Remote Replacement is not available to consumers who reside in WY.  ** Windshield Repair is not available to consumers who reside in FL.

Visa Purchase Alerts
Yellow car

Extended Vehicle Warranty 

Protect your budget and vehicle with a Route 66 Extended Warranty. This coverage picks up where manufacturers’ warranties end and is less expensive than many other extended warranty options. Coverage is available for new or eligible pre-owned vehicles, even if you didn’t finance it with us. View reference guide or digital brochure for more details.


Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Coverage of mechanical and electrical components

  • 3 different types of coverage to choose from

  • No deductible

  • Battery coverage

  • Towing, flat-tire assistance, lock-out service, jump-starting, fuel, and fluid delivery

  • Fully transferable if you sell the vehicle

  • Nationwide coverage

  • 24/7 Roadside Service

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Total Loss Refund – If your car is declared a total loss by your insurance company during the life of your contract, we will refund the entire original premium of your service agreement.

​Get exclusive vehicle coverage now! To learn more or receive a free estimate, call 402-391-4040 and select option # 1  to speak with a Lending Team member. 

Safe Deposit Box
Man on phone

Visa Purchase Alerts

Keep tabs on your Police Federal Credit Union of Omaha Visa Credit and Debit Cards with near real-time alerts sent via text and/or email when a purchase is made.  This FREE service will help you reduce fraud and monitor your spending.  Click the “Enroll Now” button, choose your notification triggers, and start receiving alerts via text message and/or email.  Follow these easy steps to enroll.

Visa Purchase Alerts cover:

  • Credit Cards: Card purchases done in-person, online, or by phone; ATM transactions

  • Debit Cards:  Card purchases (excluding purchases requiring a PIN) done in-person, online, or by phone

Get notifications via email, text, or both:

  • Purchases over a specified dollar amount with merchant (if available) name and location and the last four digits of Visa card used

  • Card-absent transactions such as online, over the phone, or through the mail

  • Cash withdrawals at an ATM

  • Transactions outside the United States (regardless of dollar amount)

  • Declined transactions

Disclosure: Data charges may apply for text alerts.  The actual time to receive an alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within the area. Alerts service may not be available in all areas. Gasoline alerts may not include the purchase amount. Account activity qualifying for Alert service may vary by issuer. Additional restrictions apply.  Qualified transaction is any transaction routed through Visa.

Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is an excellent solution for storing those important documents. Please call the credit union at 402-391-4040 or click the link below to get organized and start renting a safe deposit box today.


*Annual safe deposit box fees will be withdrawn from all renters’ accounts on January 15th unless it falls on a Sunday.

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