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Dive into the latest updates with our Blue Family News and get answers to your burning questions in our engaging Blue Family Q&A videos and podcasts.

Blue Family Q&A

#1 – Vicki Newman, President of How 2 Love Our Cops​

Highlights from Episode 1 • Learn the work that How2LoveOurCops does for law-enforcement families throughout the country. • Discover why and how law-enforcement marriages are different from others, especially from the perspective of the police officer’s spouse. • Realize how many law-enforcement suicides are marked by the end of a marriage. • Find out what spouses of law-enforcement professionals need to know about their partners. • Understand why law-enforcement spouses need to find their voice and use it wisely. • Embrace the idea that the family is usually the early warning system for law-enforcement suicides. • Learn tips for repairing a law-enforcement marriage, starting with think “We” instead of “Me.” • Recognize how reviewing and understanding your finances can help relationships.

#2 – Sean Wyman, CEO and co-founder of Going Beyond the Call

Highlights from Episode 2 • Learn about Beyond the Call and how the program focuses on the mitigation, understanding, awareness, and strategies that improve the mental fitness of first responders. • Realize why mental health deserves the status of high-liability training. • Understand how trauma not only effects police officers but also the perspective of the communities they serve. • Discover how law-enforcement professionals can be at their best when those they serve are at their worst. • Recognize how new police officers can deal with trauma and that of the communities they serve. • Understand why family members should learn what to look for to support their police officer. • Realize why officer suicide is preventable. • Find out why sometimes as a police officer you just need to have a conversation with someone that understands, even anonymously. • Remember and be proud of the work being done as a police officer. • Recognize how Going Beyond the Call can save a police officer’s life.

#3 – Experts from Police FCU of Omaha Share Tips on How to Prepare for College

Highlights from Episode 3 • Understand the best time to start financial planning for college. • Learn about possible college scholarships. • Discover ways to catch up on financial planning for college if you got a late start. • Find out why shared branching might be the most valuable service available to members going to college away from home. • Discover the variety of student loans available. • Recognize how to build credit while going to college and why that’s important. • Find out the online tools to manage your finances while away at college. • Understand why overdraft protection can be extremely helpful while away at college. • Remember that if you do make a financial mistake to not be embarrassed and call your credit union for help and advice.

#4 – Pete James, Founder and Owner of

Highlights from Episode 4 • Learn why officers should remove some of their personal information online. • Discover the mistakes many law-enforcement families make on social media. • Find out ways to protect yourself online. • Recognize how unscrupulous people can use your posts against you. • Learn how to think like the bad guys do online. • Understand what to do with strange texts and emails. • Discover a few tips on how to protect yourself online. • Find out how protects law-enforcement families online.

#5 – Kim Triplett-Kolerich, Principal and Founder of Sheepdog Resume

Highlights from Episode 5 • Learn how officers that desire to move into another profession can translate police language into business language on resumes and in interviews. • Find out the top mistakes law-enforcement professionals make when applying for jobs in the private sector. • Recognize how to properly read and understand job postings for open positions. • Discover the best places online to look for a new career. • Understand why networking is one of the best strategies when looking for a new career. • Learn what to do and not to do on social media while searching for a job.

#6 – Zach Lake, Route 66 Extended Warranties

Highlights from Episode 6 • Learn what exactly an extended warranty is and why car buyers should know about this option. • Find out how car owners can gain peace of mind with an extended warranty. • Discover how extended warranties can make unexpected repairs easier. • Recognize the pitfalls of buying an extended warranty at the dealership. • Understand how you can save money with your credit union on extended warranties. • Recognize that you can buy an extended warranty at anytime during the ownership of the vehicle and not just at the time of purchase. • Discover the value of an extended warranty. • Learn the best tips for shopping for extended warranties.

#7 – Robert Garland, CEO and Founder of Fund the First

Highlights from Episode 7 • Discover the crowd funding platform for public safety professionals. • Learn about the verification and vetting process of Fund the First. • Understand how Fund the First makes sure that the right beneficiary receives the funds. • Recognize that trust and transparency are the foundation to any crowdfunding campaign. • Find out how many fraudulent fundraisers are created on other platforms. • Learn how to create a fundraiser for a first responder on Fund the First.

#8 – Vehicle Protection Plans, Chris Wiedmeyer, Client Development Mgr, Allied Solutions

Highlights from Episode 8 • Discover the value of a vehicle protection plan. • Find out what the most claim filed is for most consumers taking advantage of a protection plan. • Learn how the Auto Essentials program protects members. • Understand why a vehicle protection plan may make more sense today than ever before. • Recognize why some common repairs, such as windshield cracks, are much more expensive today. • Find out how a vehicle protection plan can keep maintain some of the value of your car or truck. • Understand why Auto Essentials may be less expensive at the credit union rather than the dealership.

#9 – Vince Levien discussed and answered questions on Line of Duty Death Loan Protection.

Highlights from Episode 9 • Discover the genesis of the Killed In the Line of Duty (KILOD) Insurance. • Find out how KILOD works for active police officers. • Learn what KILOD covers for law-enforcement families. • Understand what is deemed a “line-of-duty” death. • Recognize why Police FCU of Omaha is proud to offer KILOD • Find out how KILOD provides peace of mind for law-enforcement families. • Understand that KILOD is offered at no cost for qualifying loans with Police FCU of Omaha.

#10 – Olivia Mead, Yoga for First Responders 

Highlights from Episode 10 • Discover how yoga can specifically help police officers. • Learn about the original intent of yoga of mastering the mind and nervous system. • Find out why yoga was created specifically for the “warrior class”. • Understand how to better handle stress and increase performance. • Recognize that yoga is holistic and not just physical. • Find out how to get started with yoga without looking stupid. • Learn what mental and physical resilience actually means.

#11 – Jim McCabe, EVP of ID Theft Solutions for Vero, discusses the benefits of Police Federal Credit Union of Omaha providing ID theft solutions and recovery to law enforcement families. 

Highlights from Episode 11 • Understand the risks of not having an ID theft and recovery solution given the state of the world today. • Find out why approximately one in every three people are at high risk of not only different forms of ID theft but also a variety of scams. • Discover the different types of fraud that are being perpetrated today. • Embrace the idea that safety is a myth. • Learn what Police FCU of Omaha has put in place to help protect its members. • Recognize how even if you just suspect that you have been a victim of ID theft that Police FCU of Omaha may be able to assist those with a premier checking account. • Find out how easy it is for members of Police FCU of Omaha to take advantage of the credit union’s ID theft and recovery solution. • Understand that your best defense when it comes to fraud and scams are awareness.

#12 – Dr. Donnie Hutchinson, an international Firefighter and First Responder speaker.

Highlights from Episode 12 • Understand what work-life balance really looks like for law-enforcement families. • Find out if your daily behaviors align with your priorities in life. • Discover how putting your mental, physical, social, and spiritual health first makes you more effective in your job and with your family. • Learn how to flourish in life and your law-enforcement career. • Embrace the idea of feeling awesome and not just stable. • Learn how to approach social and family-gathering situations with a tolerant mindset. • Recognize that discussing priorities with your spouse, partner, or significant other can help to keep you grounded. • Understand how to have realistic expectations when improving a relationship that may not be in.

#13 – Chris Littrel, host of the Two Feet on the Ground podcast and active law-enforcement professional in the state of Washington

Highlights from Episode 13 • Understand the basics of your relationship in a law-enforcement marriage. • Rediscover some of the actions you may need to start again within your relationship. • Learn how to realize and manage stress responses at home. • Find out why you must make decisions based on principles rather than fear. • Discover some of the science of the mind of a first responder. • Understand some of the challenges if both partners in a relationship are in a public-safety profession. • Recognize how to have different conversations with children of different ages in the family. • Learn why you should actually set expectations low when dating your spouse. • Embrace the practice of managing your thought life.

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