Highlights from Episode Five of the Blue Family News Q&A Series

  • Learn how officers that desire to move into another profession can translate police language into business language on resumes and in interviews.
  • Find out the top mistakes law-enforcement professionals make when applying for jobs in the private sector.
  • Recognize how to properly read and understand job postings for open positions.
  • Discover the best places online to look for a new career.
  • Understand why networking is one of the best strategies when looking for a new career.
  • Learn what to do and not to do on social media while searching for a job.


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Highlights from Episode Four of the Blue Family News Q&A Series

  • Learn why officers should remove some of their personal information online.
  • Discover the mistakes many law-enforcement families make on social media.
  • Find out ways to protect yourself online.
  • Recognize how unscrupulous people can use your posts against you.
  • Learn how to think like the bad guys do online.
  • Understand what to do with strange texts and emails.
  • Discover a few tips on how to protect yourself online.
  • Find out how OfficerPrivacy.com protects law-enforcement families online.


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Highlights from Episode Three of the Blue Family News Q&A Series

  • Understand the best time to start financial planning for college.
  • Learn about possible college scholarships.
  • Discover ways to catch up on financial planning for college if you got a late start.
  • Find out why shared branching might be the most valuable service available to members going to college away from home.
  • Discover the variety of student loans available.
  • Recognize how to build credit while going to college and why that’s important.
  • Find out the online tools to manage your finances while away at college.
  • Understand why overdraft protection can be extremely helpful while away at college.
  • Remember that if you do make a financial mistake to not be embarrassed and call your credit union for help and advice.

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Highlights from Episode Two of the Blue Family News Q&A Series

  • Learn about Beyond the Call and how the program focuses on the mitigation, understanding, awareness, and strategies that improve the mental fitness of first responders.
  • Realize why mental health deserves the status of high-liability training.
  • Understand how trauma not only effects police officers but also the perspective of the communities they serve.
  • Discover how law-enforcement professionals can be at their best when those they serve are at their worst.
  • Recognize how new police officers can deal with trauma and that of the communities they serve.
  • Understand why family members should learn what to look for to support their police officer.
  • Realize why officer suicide is preventable.
  • Find out why sometimes as a police officer you just need to have a conversation with someone that understands, even anonymously.
  • Remember and be proud of the work being done as a police officer.
  • Recognize how Going Beyond the Call can save a police officer’s life.

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Highlights from Episode One of the Blue Family News Q&A Series

  • Learn the work that How2LoveOurCops does for law-enforcement families throughout the country.
  • Discover why and how law-enforcement marriages are different from others, especially from the perspective of the police officer’s spouse.
  • Realize how many law-enforcement suicides are marked by the end of a marriage.
  • Find out what spouses of law-enforcement professionals need to know about their partners.
  • Understand why law-enforcement spouses need to find their voice and use it wisely.
  • Embrace the idea that the family is usually the early warning system for law-enforcement suicides.
  • Learn tips for repairing a law-enforcement marriage, starting with think “We” instead of “Me.”
  • Recognize how reviewing and understanding your finances can help relationships.

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